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The Covid situation in Cuba is ever evolving and travel rules change to address fluctuations in the number of cases. Cuba has achieved a high vaccination rate throughout the country and we are hopeful that the situation continues to improve even as tourism increases. We plan to resume our tours in January 2022, but until then we have other services we can offer you independently. Please visit our COVID page for up-to-date information on the travel requirements.

As sad as it is that Cuba was returned to this list, seemingly without good reason, it does not have impact on travel. The consequences of being on that list are largely financial, as well as the bad PR of having Cuba associated with terrorism. President Obama removed Cuba from this list in 2015, many months after he had already relaxed travel restrictions. The Trump Administration put Cuba back on this list in January 2021 as one of the last acts of the presidency and for largely political reasons. It does not have impact on travel.

Yes, you will have plenty of delicious food to eat. The restaurants will still be well stocked, although it will be helpful for you to be flexible as there may be some things that are not available and you will be offered an alternative. We also recommend you bring snacks, candies, chips and the like, if those are things you tend to crave because it may not be convenient to buy them locally. Vegetarians, vegans, and other people with special dietary requirements should also bring snacks or convenience meals, although plant-based eating is easier than ever as there are several vegetarian restaurants now.
The food shortages in Cuba are a big problem, especially for those without access to foreign currency, but they will not affect travelers as much. For many locals it means long lines and scarcity of products, both “needs” and “wants”. While you shouldn’t expect to see people starving in the streets, it does make life very frustrating and difficult and this is a serious challenge for the Cuban government to tackle. Tourism to Cuba helps bring in much needed currency and hope directly to the people. It supports small business, community projects and the privately employed, and the personal engagement is largely positive to the traveler and local alike.

Yes! These tours are perfect for anyone looking for a more inclusive tour that gives you a deeper understanding of Cuba, no matter where you are from. The guides and accommodations are some of our best, the itineraries are fun and diverse, but also happen to comply with the requirements for travelers under US jurisdiction. Be aware that if you are living in the U.S., regardless of nationality you are subject to all the same regulations as U.S. citizens. Also, if you are flying through the US, you are considered under US jurisdiction and the rules apply to you as well.

If you are passing through the US to Cuba or vice versa, and do not live in the US you should be prepared to state to the airline or Customs Officials which of the 12 categories of travel your trip falls under, the most common of these being Support For Cuban People 515.574 – they are listed here. This is required due to the US embargo against Cuba which makes travel to Cuba from the US illegal. To our knowledge no foreigner has been asked to do more than make a statement or sign an affidavit stating their category of travel, this is mostly to protect the airlines since they are not legally allowed to sell tickets to people traveling for strictly tourism purposes.

We welcome travelers of all ages! It is your travel style rather than your age that will determine if our tours are right for you. Our accommodations and modes of transportation are comfortable, but by no means luxurious. Our tours cover a lot of ground and move at a fairly rapid pace, so they are better for a more energetic traveler who can do medium grade physical activity (there's a lot of walking!). If you like to immerse yourself in the culture of a country, from the pretty to the gritty, then we think you'll enjoy our tours whether you are a baby boomer or a millennial. Learn more about our tour style here.

Absolutely! Traveling under the Support for the Cuban People category, you are welcome to extend your time in Cuba by staying a few days late or arriving early as needed to accommodate flight schedules. We are happy to help you make your accommodation arrangements, just let your sales agent or reservation agent know.

We offer several day tours you can take with a few extra days in Havana, see our Havana day tours here.

We no longer arrange flights to Cuba, but it is so easy to do it for yourself, either through a travel agent, directly with the airline, or online. See flight info here

Absolutely not! How you choose to get to Cuba is a matter of convenience and cost for you. Before the Obama policies on Cuba travel, there were no commercial flights from the US and also people went through third countries such as Mexico or Panama to avoid detection, and also avoided getting a stamp on their passport. Since Obama re-established relations and changed the rules for legal travel, none of that subterfuge is necessary, nor is it recommended. No matter how you arrive in Cuba, the same rules apply and it is so easy to travel legally, why not? Even with the Trump administration changes, legal travel is still easy. See flight info here.

Tourists are required to have a valid passport and a tourist visa to enter Cuba. There is conflicting validity requirements for your passport, some sources say it must be valid for three months beyond your dates of travel and some say it must be valid for six months. To be on the safe side, it is better to renew your passport if it will expire within a year.

The Cuban Visa or Tourist Card is not unique to US travelers, it is required of travelers from around the world. Although it is commonly confused with the General License, which is specific to US travelers, one has nothing to do with the other. You can read how to get the visa here.

It is not likely that you will be treated much differently than if you were coming back from a vacation in Mexico or Europe. See real comments from our travelers about their experience returning to the U.S. from Cuba and passing through U.S. border security.