Experience Cuba's Diversity in 9, 11, or 15 Days

Although these tour is specially designed to meet US legal travel requirements, travelers from all other countries seeking a fun and unique cultural experience are welcome to join!

9-Day Tour: This Cuban Life                  


On this introductory tour, learn about life in Cuba, from big city to rural to coastal living.  

Day 1: Arrival in Havana

Day 2: Havana

Day 3-4: Viñales

Day 5: Cienfuegos (via Bay of Pigs)

Day 6-7: Trinidad

Day 8: Havana (via Santa Clara)

Day 9: Departure Day


15-Day Tour: Canchánchara to Cucurucho 


Explore Cuba from the west to the east. Experience the regional differences in culture and cuisine.  

Day 1: Arrival in Havana

Day 2: Cienfuegos (via Bay of Pigs)

Day 3-5: Trinidad (via Santa Clara)

Day 6-7: Camaguey

Day 8-9: Santiago de Cuba

Day 10-12: Baracoa

Day 13-14: Havana

Day 15: Departure Day


11-Day Tour: Holiday Rumba

A memorable holiday experience in Cuba, from a Christmas Eve street party in Remedios to a Tropicana style New Year's Eve party in Havana

Day 1/Dec 23: Arrival in Havana

Day 2/Dec 24: Santa Clara- Parrandas de Remedios Festival

Day 3-5/Dec 25-27: Trinidad -  Group Christmas Party

Day 6/Dec 28: Cienfuegos 

Day 7-8/Dec 29-30: Viñales via Bay of Pigs

Day 9/Dec 31: Havana via Las Terrazas - New Year's Eve Party

Day 10/Jan 1: Havana

Day 11/Jan 2: Departure Day