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Follow our Cuba blog for updates specific to Cuba travel for Americans. It features articles related to Cuba travel, Cuban culture, and US government policy towards Cuba, written by selected contributors and our own Cuban Adventures staff.

Boat on Yumuri river
Cuba Travel Rule Changes - June 2019

An in-depth explanation of what Trump has changed to the Cuba travel rules and regulations in June 2019 and why. 

California Cafe
The 5 Best Havana Restaurants for Vegetarians

Going Vegan or Vegetarian in Cuba? Here is a restaurant guide for finding the best plant-based food in Cuba. 

Burrito Habanero
5 Ethnic Restaurants In Havana

Sarah gives her tips on where to eat in Havana when you just can't deal with Cuban traditional food anymore. 

Street Snacks
Cuba Money & Currency for American Travelers

How as an American to avoid bank fees for US dollars in Cuba. Traveler tips and a thorough explanation on Cuba money & currency.

Toddy bird
Birds of Cuba

28 of the nearly 400 bird species found in Cuba are endemic (that is, they are only found in Cuba). Some of them are stunning in their beauty and captured expertly by local photographer Roger Blanco.

Jazz horns
The Havana Jazz Festival

The 2020 edition of the Havana Jazz Festival is a bucket-list experience for any true music lover. The 6 day annual event kicks-off in January

Tour guide Armando Lee Socarras with 3 happy customers in his Ford Fairline '56 that he and his father painted pink only recently.
The story behind Havana’s Pink Cars

Why are so many of Havana's American ’50s cars painted pink? Check out the amazing story that involves Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, and Clint Eastwood