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Legal Cuba Travel

We've the information you need about licenses, tourist visas, flights to Cuba, tips and advice on everything you need to plan your trip, safely and legally.

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Our Tours

Ready to see Cuba?  Our tours take you to the best destinations across the island. Spend  9, 11 or 15-days with us, and experience the 'real' Cuba

Flights to Cuba
Flights to Cuba

Choose your own flights to Cuba! All of our tours start and end in Havana. This gives you the freedom to choose the route to Cuba that is most convenient and economical for you.

The 'pink' visa (top) is for US to Cuba direct travelers. The 'green' visa (bottom) is for travel from all other countries to Cuba.
Cuba Visa

The Tourist Visa (or Tourist Card) is a document you need to enter Cuba. Read about what it is and how to obtain it!